Mining Ultrasound Data to Improve Liver Diagnostics: Interview with Beth Rogozinski, CEO at Oncoustics
AUGUST 23, 2022
MEDGADGET / “Oncoustics, a medtech company based in Ontario, Canada, developed the OnX Liver Assessment Solution, an AI-powered ultrasound-based diagnostic system for liver disease. At present, detecting liver disease is a challenge, potentially involving high-end imaging systems, specialists, and invasive biopsies. These challenges, and the related expense, can limit patient access to such testing for those with strong indications of liver disease.

Consequently, in many cases, liver disease may not be detected until it is already quite advanced, limiting the potential for early detection and treatment. There is a clear need for a non-invasive, inexpensive, and relatively simple method to assess a patient’s liver for signs of disease. This latest technology aims to achieve this.

The OnX system is intended to offer a full liver screen from any clinician, with the test itself taking as little as five minutes. The test is based on an inexpensive point-of-care ultrasound system and the AI in the product uses both the ultrasound images and the raw data to infer the disease state of the imaged liver. The company describes the procedure as a virtual biopsy.”

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