About Oncoustics

Oncoustics’ AI Solutions turn inexpensive Point of Care Ultrasound devices into powerful diagnostic tools for faster, cost effective detection and monitoring of diseases including diseases in the liver, prostate, kidney, breast and thyroid. Our team is made up of experts in AI, Signal Processing, radiology, hepatology, digital health and Ultrasound.

Improves Access and Outcomes

Inexpensive point of care diagnosis and surveillance improves outcomes through early detection and monitoring resulting in effective disease management.

Improves Patient Experience

Fast and efficient test available in any office turning a previously multi-day/week experience with multiple healthcare experts and departments a seamless one stop encounter.

Enhances Productivity

~5 min imaging exam allows MDs, techs and/or nurses to perform liver surveillance rapidly at point of care, without the need for external referral for streamlined workflow and enhanced in clinic productivity.

Reduces Cost and Workload

SaaS (screening as a service) model saves institutional equipment costs and enhances returns on reimbursements.

Our Solution

Oncoustics offers a full liver diagnosis and screening solution, with a 5 minute exam that can be performed by any clinician or clinical staff. Our solution was developed from over 600,000 Rf images and validated on over 2500 patients via our international clinical partners who acquire data via our specific procedures and protocols.

Oncoustics Takes Minutes

Better for Patients:
  • Early detection saves lives

  • Increased patient accessibility

  • Saves patient time and money

Better for Clinicians:
  • More efficient, increases productivity over SOC, decreases workload/complexity

  • No referral - keeps patient in practice

  • Major cost savings over SOC

  • Additional revenues for your practice via existing CPT codes

In Clinic Rapid Diagnosis and Surveillance

Data not used in Grayscale Bmode Imaging in US to Deliver Point-of-Care Diagnosis:
  • Rapid 5-10 min PoC exam

  • Comes installed on a PoC device and is ready to go

  • No integration into existing institutional IT/PACS necessary

  • Unique use of additional data stream for AI/ML biomarkers

  • Designed with acquisition guidance/does not require expert sonographers or radiologists

  • Automated analysis and enhanced visualization/disease maps

  • Ongoing international data collection at 6 clinics; 5 additional centers planned for 2020 Current early results = 85-90+% accuracies; targeting 99%


Tissue Characterizaion in the Palm of your Hands

Oncoustics’s Pipeline of Pocket Sized Diagnostic Solutions are minimizing the need for invasive biopsy and expensive imaging in detection and characterization* of disease:
  • Surveillance, Diagnosing and staging tissue pathologies (i.e Liver, Kidney)

  • Surveillance, Diagnosis and staging of cancers

  • Guiding treatment, biopsy, ablation and radiation

  • Supporting drug/treatment development and use (clinical trails to companion device)

*Traditionally applied, tissue characterization require huge investments in pathology (invasive) and/or radiology systems including MRIs, CTs and Ultrasound - and is subject to the qualitative interpretation of experts.


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