Oncoustics and Interson to bring AI Diagnostics, Guidance and Surveillance to All Medical Professionals via Point of Care Ultrasound
JUNE 16, 2020
AI enabled systems enhance value for front line physicians and clinics to readily diagnose disease without referrals
SAN FRANCISCO, CA and TORONTO, CANADA -- (June 16, 2020) Oncoustics (www.oncoustics.com), the world’s leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics for processing raw ultrasound signal to do tissue characterization, real-time diagnostics and non-invasive surveillance, announced it has expanded its relationship with Interson Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer of ultrasound imaging solutions.  Subsequent to the success of a port of the Oncoustics AI solution to Interson SiMPLi Series of point of care ultrasound systems, Oncoustics and Interson are initiating pivotal studies and releasing the investigational solution to participating partners and clinics.

Oncoustics utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze raw ultrasound signals and consistently delineate healthy versus diseased tissue states in the liver and other anatomical regions.  The first Oncoustics product will focus on the detection of liver fibrosis - an early predictor of progressive liver damage and mortality in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  The Interson/Oncoustics solution will be deployed to and tested in real-time clinical practice through collaborations already established by Oncoustics in the United States (US), Canada, China, Egypt and South Korea.  

“NAFLD has reached epidemic proportions and is recognized as the most prevalent chronic liver disease in the world.  In the US, NAFLD affects up to 30% of the population today”, said Aijaz Ahmed, MD, a Transplant and General Hepatology clinican and professor at Stanford University with expertise and a research focus in NAFLD.  “The team at Oncoustics are developing a portable screening and surveillance device for healthcare providers to facilitate early detection of patients with progressive liver disease in the setting of NAFLD, and with a focus to optimize individualized Precision Medicine,” added Dr. Ahmed.

“Oncoustics is pleased to be able to work with Interson and port our tissue characterization AI solution to their robust line of ultrasound products”, said Ahmed El Kaffas, founder of Oncoustics.  “The partnership with Interson gives us and our clinical partners an additional cost-effective solution for diagnosing diseases, triaging patients for further referral and providing point of care surveillance for those patients once diagnosed.”

“This partnership with Oncoustics enables an additional AI layer on our Interson solutions and builds on our commitment to bring affordable, high-quality ultrasound tools to every medical professional”, said Roman Solek, President and CEO of Interson. “By  applying their AI and algorithms to the raw signal, and not the images that ultrasound systems are known for, together we’re expanding our ability to help more clinicians and their patients.”
About Interson
Interson Corporation, an ISO certified, privately held corporation located in Silicon Valley, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of ultrasound imaging solutions. Ultrasound systems using Interson products have been installed in offices, hospitals, and clinics around the world since 1989. Interson ultrasound imaging probes are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and have FDA 510(k) clearance, a CE mark,and a medical device license from Health Canada. Interson’s ultrasound imaging technology, recognized as one of the top ten innovations of the year by the International Academy of Science, and the new SiMPLi Series probes extends clinicians’ vision beyond their fingertips.

For further information, please contact:

Roman Solek, President & CEO
Interson Corporation
+1.(925) 462-4948
About Oncoustics
Oncoustics (www.oncoustics.com) is a world leader in AI-based ultrasound data extraction enabling real-time imaging and non-invasive diagnosis in the medical market starting with liver disease. Oncoustics’ platform operates in a hardware agnostic fashion, and enables a whole new level of access to care with the benefits of ease of use, affordability, and optimizing current clinical workflow. Using the Oncoustics’ platform, physicians will be able to visualize areas of interest in the liver or prostate, and specifically retrieve analysis from those areas. The Oncoustics’ solution for ultrasound, including liver and prostate applications, will be submitted for regulatory approval in the United States (FDA 510(k)), Canada (Health Canada medical device license) and the European Union (CE Mark).

Beth Rogozinski, CEO